At Phoenix 43 we value community building and wellness.  Resident's are actively engaged in house-management, activity development, and community-engagement.  Resident's create and nurture a supportive recovery ecosystem.

For the benefit of everyone's health, the community employs frequent drug screenings to enforce our strict zero-tolerance policy for substance use while living at Phoenix 43.  



recovery philosophy

Our approach to recover is evidenced based, our founder, Dr. Hamilton Gaiani, is a Yale trained psychiatrist.  His role is to regularly review the current addiction literature to inform and develop our curricula, policies and community-structure, as well as meet with the elected house manager frequently to ensure the best possible living experience.   (Please note that no treatment is delivered or available)

There is good evidence that community-engagement, structure, psychotherapy, medication assisted treatment, as well as community support groups (AA, NA, Smart Recovery) are all excellent tools for personal wellness and recovery.  We support any combination of these efforts.


- Evidenced-based philosophy.

-Residents engage several hours of recovery-related activities per week, as well as house meetings.


medication assisted treatment


Anyone on appropriately prescribed medication, including suboxone and methadone are most welcome here.  When used properly, medications can be valuable recovery-tools and often life-saving.   If you are prescribed methadone or suboxone, our physician will coordinate with your clinicians to ensure appropriate attendance at appointments.   

Unfortunately we cannot accept resident's whose methadone dose is high enough to cause drowsiness or nodding-off, or those that abuse or divert these medications. 

Secured storage will be made available for residents and each resident has their own key and private room.  No controlled substances are allowed in the home other than appropriately prescribed recovery-related medications, which must never be in common areas.  


-Suboxone and methadone accepted

-Secure storage.

-Physician to liaise with your clinicians (no treatment provided)