Our Policies

  • All resident's must agree to immediate evacuation upon relapse or strong suspicion of relapse, this is not to punish those who relapse but rather to protect the sobriety of the other residents. If this occurs the resident may re-apply after an extended treatment period and evidence of renewed commitment to sobriety.

  • No guests are allowed upstairs or outside of visiting hours (TBD by Resident Manager). All guests must be approved by the Resident Manager. No pictures or recording devices are allowed by guests to protect anonymity and privacy.

  • Curfew: All residents must be in by 10pm, reasonable exceptions will be made by the Resident Manager due to work schedules. Vacations and overnights will be earned privileges at the discretion of the Resident Manager , based on seniority, length of sobriety, and house-policy compliance.

  • All other policies can be found in the resident contract, which will be provided to interested applicants.

Our Residential Management:

  • Our current Residential Manager is Catherine Saeieo, available to answer any of your questions.  Give her a call at 203-868-6477.